Convert you N number into a High Resolution Unique Artwork, specifically rendered for you. Generate using your N!

MutantVerse is building on the premise of N. A random sequence of 8 numbers. Convert your N-numbers to a DNA style design and generate your own unique NFT. These high-resultion artworks are CCO – You are free to use them for both personal as well as commercial use.

Status – 12%

Total 1220 Artworks out of 9999 claimed

Perfect Artwork from your old NFT

We have used the N–sequence (an NFT project) to generate a dNA meta data comprising of 14 unique attributes, and they are used to create multiple layers of strand sequences. There are a combination of attributes that generate natural rarity, both in terms of visualisation and the core of a dNA.


Genome Threshold: -106

Sequence Mix Power: +6

Shadow Intensity: +63

Soul Intensity: +55

Total 14 attributes computed based on the N sequence with some MAGIC 🪄

What are the different attributes and how do they help us long run?

You can see the list of all the attributes on Opensea! They are live now.

The generated attibutes are based on your N-sequence allow us to generate a high-quality artwork that is unique to you. These artworks are great for things like Wallpapers, Derivative NFTs, Merchandise, whatever you can think of!

Cohesiveness, Genome Spacing, Neuclotide Height, Neuclotide Spacing, Neuclotide Thickness, Sequence Mix Angle and more.

Each of these attributes are indicative of a particular value from a range.

The set of 14 attributes visualise the random numbers and the rarity is not only shown in numbers, but also the generated DNA creative.

Every single dNA is a platform for creators to build. All the DNAs are CC0 licenses – giving you unlimted rights to use them for whatever you want.

Where does the road (map) lead?

09/09/2021 9 am – 12 pm PST (Completed)

DNA comes to the chain. Minting opens for N-Holders only. You get your own DNA!

09/11/2021 9 am PST (Completed)

Minting opens for everyone. Tokens become available for non-N holders as well. (Price does not change for N-holders)

Interested Owners:

Interested owners and developers can now begin collaborations with Fellow N-Community Artists to visualize first Gene/N On-chain creature without any approval. Curated using the dNa's 14 unique attributes.


Owners can now create merch without any approvals. There is no restriction with respect to the type of merch.


CC0 License for MutantVerse DNA holders. Freel free to create with your DNA. You can use Opensea profile to showcase your work. You can use the attributes to create derivatives creators and what more! We can't wait to see what you build with your DNA.

Every single dNA under MutantVerse is an interface.

Claiming For N-Holders:

To mint: 0.05 ETH for N-Token Holders.

Tokens only available for N-Holders.

Public Claiming: (48 hours after N-Holders Exclusive Claim)

To mint:

0.08 ETH for Non-N-Token Holders (All unclaimed tokens become available on 11th September 2021)

All unclaimed Tokens available for public sale.

DNA Strand Inspiration from Dan Gries (Rectangle World)! Support his amazing work. Donations: 0x774093b748282C2877B9f71B5cd904d98EeaB3Fc. We are adding more resources constanty. Keep an eye or follow us on twitter: @MutantVerse